Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CD 31 11ish DPO

I'm horrible at keeping up with this but with C away (with the good laptop), A being a crazy toddler, and finals next week, it's nearly impossibe to get online :(. I'm not exactly sure what DPO I am. I could be 11... but I could be 13 or even 9. 11 seems to be the most accurate, that would count O as the day after my darkest +OPK. So far all my tests have been BFNs, which does not come to a huge surprise as me. Yesterday I took a nap but other then  that I have no pregnancy symptoms. I got my usual period pimple, except its not as huge as "usual". So I guess its not usual lol but its one of those gross under the skin painful ones. But that seems to be the only sign of AF. Tomorrow I will probably be feeling more AF like.

I'm getting discouraged. We have been TTC for 2 years, with 3 losses, and no baby in our arms. Its frustrating. I know we have only technically been TTC this time for 1 month (last month was more NTNP) but it still sucks. I hate all this waiting and I know that with every m/c it increase my risk of m/c with the next pregnancy. Apparently the state I'm in does not offer any maternity/fertility coverage private insurance for a single female. Almost makes me want to hop on the marriage train, almost.

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