Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I'm not going to start actual cycle posts until the start of next cycle. AF should be due on Sunday. I've  had these weird tests that look like they want to be positive but they're not.
A friend on a mommy page suggested its the antibody strip and I think she's right. I have a 50 pack of wondfos arriving on Saturday and I'm out of HPTs until then. It's probably a good thing though because I would go nuts testing. I have thought about maybe trying a different brand to see what those results are. Ugh this is frustrating!!!

Yesterday I was fiddling around on FB and in an hour I had 4 people announce pregnancies. As someone who is TTC after losses I have such mixed emotions. I'm excited but it hurts my heart. At least yesterday most of the people were past 12 weeks when they announced. I definitely get jealous when people announce at 6 weeks with no fears. My doctors say we shouldn't tell people until I am 16 weeks because of my increased risk of miscarriage. Gosh I don't want to go through that again :-(

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