Monday, April 2, 2012

Cycle #2 CD 2

AF came right on time yesterday. I really should not complain since she almost always shows up right on time. Could be worse right?

This is my third cycle since the M/C but my second TTC... although I would consider last cycle to have been a more relaxed NTNP cycle. Now I want a baby so bad, its killing me not to be pregnant. I've cried a lot since AF showed. I was not expecting to be so emotional after a NTNP cycle. I knew my chances of being pregnant were slim but I was really hoping!

Back in December, the day before I got my BFP, I got a Cheri reading. For those who don't know Cheri, she's a psychic but specializes in TTC/Pregnancy. I had the free reading done and she predicted a Girl that would be conceived/due/or we would find out we were pregnant in Feb. Instead I found out I was pregnant a day later. When I had the miscarriage, I let her know and she provided me with another expedited reading. I received that on Saturday and she predicted a Girl/April. I know its all in fun, but I would be SO happy to find out/conceive next month! I would love a spring due date too! I always tell C I want to be big and pregnant for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas!).

I also got my big package of Wondfos. I think I'll have to buy more, lol. They came early and I was able to test Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I definitely need some more ICs, I love FRERs but for the price (and how many I go through) the Wondfos are the better deal!

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